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Health and Safety

Ethiopian Red Cross

Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in Africa for foreigners, and violent crime against foreigners is almost unknown.  However, all visitors should take extra precautions to secure their valuables.  A money belt or other means to hide cash and documents is strongly recommended.
Wisdom Ethiopia, recommends that all tour participants consult their physicians 30 days prior to tour departure.
All tour members are encouraged to purchase traveler’s health insurance that covers emergency repatriation.  Many carriers offer reasonably priced short term policies.
Wisdom Ethiopia , requests that participants disclose any serious health issues prior to departure.   This information will help us respond accordingly to any medical emergency.
Visitors coming from certain destinations are required to have a Yellow Fever immunization card.  Certain areas of Ethiopia have malaria mosquitos and all visitors should confer with their physicians to determine which prophylactics, if any, are necessary.  It is also recommended to have all immunizations up to date.  All medium to large towns have pharmacies, but it is advisable to bring a sufficient supply of any medications that you require.
The Ethiopian Red Cross has a free emergency number which may be used within Ethiopia:  936