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I Found Wisdom Ethiopia

I founded Wisdom Ethiopia after spending several years as a free lancer tour guide and tour operator in many travel agencies and wondering why more tourists weren’t sharing in the fun of this ancient, mystical country.
With its breathtaking scenery, well preserved historical sites and diverse culture, Ethiopia is an adventurer’s Atlantis. Whether visiting the indigenous tribes of the Omo Valley or climbing among the Rock-hewn Churches of Gheralta range, surprises and authentic experiences await.
So I wanted Wisdom to offer what I got to see as a local: insight to some of the great destinations but also genuine experiences with Ethiopian people. Because what’s great about Ethiopia is its people. So when you go with us, you get well-trained knowledgeable guides and late model vehicles, but also opportunities to see local communities and interact with villagers.
But then I took some additional steps as well. I needed to get the word out. So we broke the mold. We don’t rely on travel agencies to sell for us, a business model ill suited for actually bringing economic benefits to the host country. I want to reach you the traveler directly, because then when you purchase from us more of your money is going to Ethiopia. And that is the best method for sustainable tourism – bar-none.
So whether you wish to join one of our small group tours or want your very own tour created for you, Wisdom is here to offer the best of Ethiopia, with great insight and knowledge of the country, and improving the local economy with every euro and dollar you spend.