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Lalibela 0001 Eth Lalibela Ethiopia Existing 26May


Lalibela is a town in Ethiopia which is famous for rock-cut monolithic churches….

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The Danakil Depression – Dallol 19Apr

Danakil depression

The Danakil Depression, also called Dallol Depression, is a desert with some areas…

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3135343031 572286fccc B 19Apr

Temple of Yeha

It is an important pre-Axumite archaeological site mainly known by the large square…

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Gonder Fasilides Castle Tour – Wisdom Ethiopia Tours 19Apr


The historic Gonderine town is very popular mainly because of the marvelous castles…

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Tigray 19Apr

Rock-hewn churches of Tigray

Tigray is recognized as the cradle of the ancient Ethiopian civilization. The Yeha…

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Ankober Palace – Wisdom Ethiopia Tours 19Apr

Ankober and Emperor Menelik II Palace

Ankober was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Shoa, with Merid Azmatch…

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Harar – Wisdom Ethiopia Tours 19Apr


Harar was established by Sultan Abu Beker Mohammed in 1520. Harar, the Holy…

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Debre Damo – Wisdom Ethiopia Tours 18Apr

Debre Damo Monastery

Debre Damo monastery is situated on an isolated mountain in northern part of…

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Ethio Meskel Event 18Apr

Meskel (Finding of the True Cross)

The Maskal festival is performed on September 26 &27 every year by lighting…

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The owner is a terrific tour guide. I didn’t have time for a longer tour but the one day tour round Addis Abeba was really worth my time. The owner knows a lot of locals so you have a chance to take a glimpse into the local life (only if you want to 🙂 Highly recommended

Anna D /

At the beginning of February 2019 he organized a 9-day trip to northern Ethiopia.The trip was organized very well, the trip included 4 domestic flights. Everywhere a car with a guide was waiting for us, the instructors were good, knowledgeable about where we were. Minihal Fanta was in constant touch with us, made sure the trip went according to plan.

Ronen888 /

We had an unforgettable tour with our guide Minex in January/February. Due to his thorough knowledge of Ethiopian History, culture and religion we have received a deep insight in the Ethiopian people, their mentality and their needs. Minex felt responsible for our well-being all the time, was about to find out the best hotel, the best place to stay, to organize the daily tour spontaneously according to our wishes. He was friendly, helpful, and always in a good mood. He can easily get into contact with his countrymen, which is of great advantage for us tourists. We were a group of six persons in two cars. Both drivers were absolutely responsible and driving us safely through the fantastic country.
T h a n k y o u !!!

Wolfgang Burst /

This year I joined my father for two week Ethiopia tour. Our Ethiopian guide was Minex. I can honestly say is one of the most proficient guides I’ve ever met. During the tour we were visiting virtually all of the Ethiopian historical sites (in the northern half of the land), but aside of that, we have also meet the wonderful people of Ethiopia and witnessed their culture. Minex has great knowledge not only of the history and geography of his country, but also of the many Ethiopian tribes. He has good skill of cooperation with locals at every particular site. The tour was very well organized, with really neat hotels and transport. I must say I was impressed by the tour organization. Even our unexpected bus failure was not even smallest inconvenience, as Minex organized the repair in less than 30 minutes. I recommend the tour to everyone, especially to people interested in ancient cultures and christian liturgy as I found the practices and culture of Ethiopian Orthodox Church really impressive.

Maciej Witala /