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Arriving Bole Addis Ababa Airport

Nearly all visitors to Ethiopia will arrive at Addis Ababa's Bole International Airport: Prior to reaching immigration, you will see a small office where you may receive your visa (remember to
have $50 with you.) The office is near the bottom of the escalator. If you do not already have a visa, you must stop here before getting in line to have your passport stamped. For a list of countries whose citizens may get a visitor's visa upon arrival select here.
After an immigration officer stamps your passport, proceed to baggage claim. Your baggage tags will be carefully checked before you can proceed to customs. All bags, including carry-ons will almost always be x-rayed by customs.
After leaving customs, proceed through the exit (its obvious where to go) into the main terminal hall. You will see many people waiting to meet arrivals. If you have registered for a tour with Wisdom Ethiopia Tours , this is where we will meet you. Our representative will be there with a sign that says "Wisdom Ethiopia Tours or your bold written Name” with your name on it. In case of emergency our mobile number is 251 (9) 9 20 75 66 04 . If for any reason you need to call it, Ethiopians are generally happy to loan their mobile for a brief call. This is also where you will see kiosks and information booths representing some of the major hotels in Addis Ababa.
For late flights, arriving between midnight and 5:00AM, the terminal hall is normally closed to anyone except passengers. In this case, simply proceed with all the other passengers to the airport exit where your tour operator or colleagues will meet you.
If you have not made arrangements for anyone to meet you, you will be approached by taxi drivers as you exit the terminal. We recommend that you and the driver come to a clear understanding regarding the price and any additional charges before getting into the taxi. Public transportation options are available just off the terminal grounds. However, we don't recommend trying the public transportation system until you are familiar with Addis Ababa.

PLEASE NOTE – If you decide to change money at the bank inside the airport please count your money carefully. You will most likely be tired after your long flight but be diligent. Once you walk away from the teller, you cannot return to suggest there was an error in the exchange.