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I had to go there myself. I mean, why intentionally travel to the hottest place on the planet? On the way, you get the idea. Dreamy landscapes that stretch forever, a hot nighttime wind that doesn’t ever let up. I had been told to drink a lot of water, more than you think you need. By the end of the first day, I was way behind. Only after liter number four did I feel the need to go.
This is the Danakil Depression, with its nomadic tribes and salts mine workers and endless camel caravans. The land that time forgot. A friend called it nature’s chemistry experiment, bubbling up to the surface in hot springs in all glorious sulphuric colors. And then the opportunity to peer into the earth’s crust – climbing onto camels to ascend the dome of an active volcano and glimpse its lava lake below.Surreal.

Tour Itinerary

Day. 01: Arrival of Addis Ababa and Sight seeing
Upon arrival in Addis Ababa, our representatives will meet you at Bole International Airport and transfer you to the hotel. Full day sightseeing of the Capital, which includes: historical sites including the National Archaeological Museum, to view the 3.6 million year old remains of “Lucy”, whose skeleton was discovered in 1974. Continue to the Ethnological Museum at Addis Ababa University; a great insight into the many different peoples of Ethiopia and their respective cultures. After visiting Holy Trinity Cathedral, visit the ‘Merkato’, the largest open-air market in East Africa. We will end the day with a drive to the top of Mount Entoto, which rises to an altitude of 10,500 feet and offers a panoramic view of the metropolis.
Day 2 another excursion today, this time north to Debre Libanos.
Passing through the Solulta plain, an area where many athletes do their training, we come to the Jemma Valley Gorge where we can expect to see the endemic Gelada baboon, a magnificent primate with a long mane. There is great scenery as the land drops nearly 1000 meters towards the Jemma River, which is one of the tributaries of the Nile.
Debre Libanos is an important monastic center for Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, the monastery there was founded by the renowned 13th century mystic, Saint Teclehaimanot and there is a small cave near the church (which is of recent construction) where he is said to have stood for seven years on one leg, until the other wasted away and dropped off.
Leaving the Gorge we proceed to the church. After the church visitors can make the climb to the cave of St Teklehaimanot. If you continue up the hill from the cave from the top there’s a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. We will set off back to Addis Ababa late afternoon.
Day3: Fly to Mekele and drive to Hamdela, Beginning the tour to Danakil Desert.
Early in the morning after breakfast transfer to air port to fly to Mekelle and meet the vehicle and guide at the air port and short break coffee bars in Mekelle. Then continue driving to Hamedela and Picnic lunch at Berhale where we arrange the permits and police escort. You will be around late afternoon at Hamdela campsite where you will be staying camping for two nights. On the way you will also admire some local Tigre and Afar tribes’ village and camel caravan carrying the salt bars to transport it to the nearest local town. O/n Camping Hamedela

Day 4: Excursion to Daloll depression.
After early breakfast drive to the Lake Asale, salty Lake and visit the salt workers and the merchant, then head to Dallol/Denakil Depression, which straddles the Eritrean border to the east of the Tigrian Highlands and is officially listed as the hottest and active place on the earth surface with an average temperature of 40 – 50 degrees Celsius. Most of this vast and unpopulated region lies below sea level at 116 Meters.
Camping at Hamdela

Day 5: Hamed Ela – Dodome – Erta Ale
Early In the morning, drive to Dodome. Here we will arrange camels to transport your luggage and water, and then you will start hiking to the Erta Ale Volcanic hills (613 meters above sea level) which is 15km one way, and walk to see the volcanic eruption. The eruption is so colorful and spectacular. At night, we will camp nearby the eruption, on the crater rim above the active lava lake.

Day 6 drive to Afrera.
Camping overnight, desert area of the Afar Region. One of the leak found which 115 below sea level. You will have good opportunity to explore many of desrt hot springs. Camping at the shore of the leak.

Day to awash national park.
On this day you will see many of afar nomads with their huge amount of livestock.  The Afer people are one of Ethiopian ethnic group with amazing culture which is inspire traveler.
O/n Awash falls lodge.

Day 8 safari and game view Awash National Park,
The park established in 1966, the Park is home to more than 80 species of mammals and 454 species of birds, with major attractions, Trek along drive in Awash National Park, where one can see large herds of Beisa oryx and Soemmering’s gazelle and numerous mammal and bird species,ecolodge in the wilderness,  further drive to Addis Ababa  Admire Lake Beseka and the Fentale crater. Early evening enjoy a “farewell dinner” and coffee ceremony at a famous traditional Ethiopian restaurant. After sampling the various national dishes, enjoy an Ethiopian Folkloric show before your transfer to air port fly back to home

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