7 Days Historic Route Flight

Day1: Addis Ababa
arrival at Addis Ababa international airport and be welcomed by Wisdom Ethiopia Tours and transfer to your hotel. Afternoon city tour of Addis Ababa which includes holy trinity cathedral (beautiful church with a baroque style of European architecture unique to both Ethiopia and Africa), national museum (the home of the famous complete hominid fossil remain of Lucy dated 3.2 million years back), Entoto mountain panoramic view and old palace of emperor Menelik and st.mary church museum. Over night at hotel.

Day2: Addis Ababa- Bahirdar.
Transfer the air port and fly to barhirdar and be transferred in to the tana hotel. bahardar is a modrn town on the shore of lake tan , the blue Nile falls, locally known as “tis isat “meaning water that smokes”35kilometers downstream from the p point where the Nile river leaves the lake tana. The walk to the falls passes through lush reverie woodland teeming with colorful birds. after lunch in the afternoon enjoy a boat ride on lade tana to visit the famous ancient island monasteries of ura Kidane meheret that is one of the several in the area containg frescos, elaborate painted ceilings, churches crosses, crowns and attires of former ethioian kings and emperors, in most fo lake tana monasteries time has stood still and the world of the old testament yet alive. Overnight at hotel

Day3: Bahirdaar-Gonder.
after breakfast drive to gondar on the way enjoy the beautiful landscape fo the country, after lunch and check in to the hotel visit 17th century castles of the gondrian kings which is also known as African Camelot and it site the site of ancient castles building palaces of different emperors constructed in the European middle age architectural style, and also visit emperor Fasil’s swimming  pool , which is still in use for the temket (the Ethiopian epiphany)festival  held every January 19 and also debere berhan Silassie church which is rich in icon paintings , that depict the old and the new testament , from the bible. Overnight in hotel
Day4: Gonder-Sankaber-Gonder.
In the morning drive to Sankaber and proceed to simen mountain national park, which is one of the world heritage sites the area found to semen mountain national park which is one of he world heritage sites the area found in Ethiopia in the park you will trek to see the beautiful landscape the endemic gelada baboon and different kinds of birds of prey. In the late afternoon drive back to gonder and over night at hotel.
Day5: Gonder Lalibela.
Transfer to the airport and fly to the legendary town of Lalibela after check in to the hotel, visit the first and the second group of rock churches in Lalibela town m dating back to the 12th century and which is considered to be one of the 8th wonders of the world. Over night at hotel
Day6: Lalibella.
In the morning half day excursion by mule to Asheton mariam to visit the churches that lie on the top of the mountain, the church itself is similar in style to other rock churches , but the panoramic view of the surroundings is spectacular from the mountain top . Return to the hotel for lunch. Afternoon spent visiting more of the rock churches in lalibella town. Overnight at hotel
Day 7: Lalibela –Axum.
Transfer to the airport and fly to axum town. Here you will visit steles, whilch is considered to be probably the oldwst monolithic stand in the world, the church compound of st.mary fo zion. Which is the seat of the true moose’s Ark of the Covenant, queen fo sheba’s bath, king kaleb’s and gebremeskel’s tombs, and archeological museum.
After lunch flay back to Addis .  After traditional dinner transfer to Air port , flay back to home .

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